Shooting the film “Star was born” brought Lady Gaga spectator admiration, critical acclaim and nomination for the Oscar. The singer decided to perpetuate such impressive and inspirational achievements with the help of a tattoo on her entire back with a picture of a rose and an inscription meaning a lot to her.

Immediately after winning the Grammy Award, Lady Gaga went to the tattoo parlor, which she left with a new pattern on the back. Now from her neck along the spine stretches an image of a rose with thorns, and around it is the name of the song La Vie en Rose. It was her in the film that was performed by the heroine of the singer Ellie, when the character Bradley Cooper first saw her. “My spinal cord is now a rose,” wrote Lady Gaga under an Instagram photo.

With one tattoo she was not limited and she also filled her initials in the form of musical notes on the inside of the arm. The star barely escaped embarrassment, as they initially with the tattoo master forgot that the musical staff consists of five lines, not four. “The musical crisis has been averted. Due to the abundance of tequila forgot about the fifth line. Fortunately, the mistake was easy to fix, ”said Gaga.

In just a few days, the star will hit the red carpet of the Oscar award, and later will perform the Shallow song on the Dolby Theater stage, for which it is nominated for a golden statuette. And, judging by the forecasts of critics and experts, Lady Gaga made a tattoo for a reason, as they promise her victory in the nomination “Best Original Song”.