Lady Gaga has announced, according to British media, that she will pay the sky-high hospital bill of her shot dog walker Ryan Fischer (30) herself. The costs are said to amount to more than 80,000 euros. 

Fischer’s condition would be stable at this point. Gaga’s dog walker was shot on Wednesday evening during his daily walk. The singer’s two French bulldogs – Koji and Gustav – were kidnapped. “The singer thinks it is terrible what happened to him and wants to do everything she can to help him,” the British newspaper Daily Mirror said. “She loves Ryan very much and wishes him a speedy recovery. She wants to pay his hospital costs in advance as compensation. “

Gaga’s kidnapped dogs were found by a woman on Saturday. She found the bugs tied to a pole in an alley that was miles from their home. Police believe the woman, whose identity is being kept secret due to the ongoing investigation, has nothing to do with the kidnapping. She recognized the two four-legged friends from the stories in the media and took them to the police station. The bulldogs are doing well. Gaga had offered a reward of half a million dollars (414,000 euros) for finding the dogs.

Los Angeles police previously released a description of the perpetrators. It concerns two men between the ages of 20 and 25. For now, there is no trace to them.