Lady Gaga and Madonna seem to have finally settled their years of ‘quarrels’. Lady Gaga was invited to Madonna’s Oscars afterparty on Sunday evening, and the two divas even cuddled with each other in the picture. Time magazine shared the snapshot, on which Madonna holds the head of a wide-smelling Gaga, on Instagram.

The feud began in 2012 when Madonna said that Gaga’s music is very similar to hers. “I think she refers to me in a lot of her work.” Also the single Born This Way finds Madonna sounding like her music. “When I heard it on the radio I said: that sounds very recognizable.”

Gaga said in her turn in 2016 not to recognize themselves in the comparison with the ‘Queen of Pop’. “Madonna and I are totally different, I play a lot of instruments, I write all my own music, I spend hours in the studio every day, I am a producer, I am a writer, and what I do is different.”

Last December, Madonna heard again when Lady Gaga always made the same statement during her press tour for A Star Is Born during several interviews. “There can be a hundred people in a room 99 of whom do not believe you, but only one is needed to change your whole life,” said the singer several times about the opportunity that director Bradley Cooper had given her by playing the lead role. in the film. A video in which you hear Gaga say this repeatedly in different interviews went viral.

Madonna saw the video and shared a video of an old interview of herself in which she makes a similar statement. “If there are 100 people in a room and 99 say they like it, I only remember the person who did not like it.”