This is a very special year for Kylie Jenner . In a few months, the latter should give birth to her second child. Before welcoming him, she celebrated another important event: the 4th birthday of her granddaughter Stormi.

Four years ago, Kylie Jenner created the surprise by giving birth to her first little girl. And the least we can say is that no one expected it. If some rumors were circulating on the subject, the young woman had never confirmed or denied.

And for good reason, Kylie Jenner explained that she wanted to live her secret pregnancy. As a celebrity, she is very often spied on. This time, she decided to live this moment like any other person.

On February 1, the young woman therefore created a surprise by announcing her pregnancy on social networks. Subsequently, she shared a video on Youtube to trace all this incredible period of her life.

This Tuesday, the beautiful has also celebrated the birthday of his daughter. She celebrated her fourth birthday. For this party, she had organized an event with her cousin, Chicago , the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner and her sister had decided to make a special birthday for the two cousins. On the theme of LOL and Barbie dolls, they pulled out all the stops to please Stormi and Chicago .

On that fateful day, the two little girls were blessed with a two-tiered vanilla cake with icing and a giant baby Bratz. Bouncy castle and giant ball pit were also there .


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If Stormi celebrated her four years in advance, it is today that she is really

four years old. It is also the very first anniversary that she celebrates as an only daughter. Next time, Kylie Jenner will have given birth to her second baby.

As a reminder, Kylie Jenner announced her pregnancy on social networks. She revealed the moment she showed the positive test to her darling Travis Scott. But that’s not all. Kris Jenner, her mom, also seemed very happy.

For her first pregnancy, many members of her family were genuinely worried. And for good reason, the reality TV candidate was too young according to them. She was still able to prove to them that she was a perfect mom.

Kylie Jenner also showed that she knew how to take care of her little girl Stormi perfectly and that she had no difficulty in educating her. For this 2nd pregnancy, the family therefore seems much more peaceful.

In a Youtube video, Travis Scott’s darling also confided: “I can’t wait to have more babies” . One thing is for sure, fans can’t wait for her to deliver her second baby for now.

It will still be necessary to wait a few months before meeting her second baby. Some wonder if she is expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. We will have to be patient before we know more !