At the beauty party, organized aboard a private plane, were chosen friends Kylie, her daughter, one year old Stormy.

Kylie Jenner knows a lot about good parties, so the presentation of a new line of her cosmetic brand Kylie Skin (for now only her own) made a big difference with her favorite color scheme.

Everything was pink: the inscription on the wing of the plane, the carpet leading to the ramp, the costumes of the flight attendants and even the dress code for the guests — before the flight the girls changed into comfortable plush suits. The interior of the aircraft is also designed in pink. Satin pillows and eye masks advertised a new star makeup line.

The only one who distinguished himself on this “pink evening” was Kylie Travis Scott’s beloved. Before the flight, he gave Jenner a kiss, which immediately became public knowledge – everything that happened was broadcast on the social network. And not by chance. Kylie has repeatedly admitted that she owes her success to them.