Last weekend, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were seen together at the party, and fans are wondering if they can reunite again.

The couple broke up last year, but continues to jointly raise their two-year-old daughter Stormy. The close circle of celebrities do not talk about the resumption of their romantic relationship.

Kylie and Travis get along fine. They like to spend time together, like to communicate with the same people. And they spend a lot of time with the child. Joint education of their daughter is now a better option for them than a romantic relationship,

– quoted by People magazine the words of an insider.

Kylie and Travis themselves do not comment on their current relationship. But after parting, they continue to speak warmly about each other. In a winter interview, Scott noted that he would always love his child’s mother. And Kylie called Travis her best friend. In May, Kylie touchingly congratulated Scott on his birthday and confessed his love.

Happy birthday daddy of the year! Gradually, I begin to understand that Stormy is my father’s daughter. The most beautiful, smart, loving baby. Best gift. I love you forever, Travis,

– Jenner wrote then on Instagram and published a series of family photos with Scott.