Jordy Huisman, one of the three DJs of Kris Kross Amsterdam, prefers not to fly for the release of new music. The DJ is afraid to crash down before the song has been released at all. 

“I really watch how often we have to fly, because I do not want to crash before the release,” says Huisman, who releases the new song Vámonos on Friday with Kris Kross . “I limit all risks and flying is nevertheless a greater risk than sitting at home.We have been doing this for a long, very hard time, I want it so badly and live like that.” I would like to see the song. “

That fear of flying is ‘quite difficult’ for a DJ who flies all over the world. “Every time I’m on the plane, I think: ‘Well, it’s pretty good’ and ‘well, I survived again’ Then the release date comes close and I think: ‘Well, I did it anyway again ‘and then we start again, because there are many more singles. “

Vámonos made with Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke 

Vámonos is also the first solo single by Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke. It may be sung by an American superstar, Vámonos is “really our number”, says Jordy’s brother Sander Huisman.

“It is Kris Kross Amsterdam featuring Ally Brooke, but it also feels like her song, I think, we really do it together.” 

After Whenever , an adaptation of Shakira’s breakthrough hit Whenever, Wherever , the trio returns with “really an original”. “There is no sample, no piece from another artist, which makes the release a bit more exciting, but really Kris Kross.”