Soonerly, we began to bury the career of the “Hostage” star: if ordinary users in social networks continue to scold Liam Neeson in all ways, the star colleagues stand up for his defense. Among them was his colleague in the recent “Widows”, Michelle Rodriguez. In spite of the critics of Liam Neeson, she cited a reinforced concrete argument: after all, Liam Neeson, in the same “Widows,” kissed the dark-skinned Viola Davis (and even kissed him!), Which means that he could not be called a racist.

“All this is bullshit. Liam Neeson is not racist. People, you watched “Widows”? His tongue was very deep in Viola Davis’s throat. You can’t call him a racist. Racists do not kiss a race they hate, especially the language in her throat. In general, all this is a lie. Ignore it. He is not racist. He is a wonderful person. All this is a lie, ”the actress said emotionally.

Recall that the scandal with Liam Nison began on February 4, when, in an interview with The Independent, he admitted that many years ago he wanted to kill the first black man he had met in order to avenge the rape of his close friend, who had been mocked by “black”. The next day, the actor appeared on the Good Morning America show, where he stated that he was not racist, he was simply blinded by primal fury and wanted to stand up for the girl.

When asked if his reaction would have been the same, if a “white” or a person of a different race had been the perpetrator, Liam answered: “Of course! It would have the same effect. I just wanted to avenge the honor of a woman close to me in such a wild medieval manner. Fortunately, no violence happened. ”

Violence, perhaps, was not, but now Nison’s reputation is seriously tarnished. The first sign was the cancellation of the Lionsgate studio solemn premiere of his new film “Snow Blower” (in the Russian box office since February 7). In addition, the other day the actor was supposed to participate in the transfer of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, but the producers were quick to replace Liam Neeson with another guest.