Kim Kardashian had to get used to the fact that her outfits always become an occasion for discussion. Sometimes fans note the spectacular images of the star, and there are times when they have something to play a trick on.

On Monday, Kardashian attended the American Influencer Awards ceremony. For the event, the reality star chose a red silk dress with a floral print that emphasized her figure. Sandals with open toes complemented the image, and it was Kim’s shoes that gave commentators on social networks an occasion for ridicule. The shoe model on Kardashian’s feet looked as though she had a sixth toe.

Twitter users have actively begun to discuss this fashion failure. “Wait. Do you really have 6 toes? ”,“ You have 6 toes, apparently you aren’t human at all ”,“ In each photo of Kim Kardashian I’m now looking for the sixth toe ”,“ Why do I see 6 toes? ”- they joked and wondered.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that users find Kim’s extra finger. In August, Kardashian together with Kylie Jenner announced a joint launch of perfume. For this, the sisters starred in a photo shoot, and when they shared their treasured pictures, Kim received many questions about the sixth toe. Then the representative of the star explained to those interested that the angle was to blame. However, as in other cases, users pervaded excessive retouching throughout.