On Thursday, March 10, the advice given by Kim Kardashian to businesswomen was very badly perceived by Internet users. Of all the negative tweets she’s gotten back, those of two women are the most notable.

Kim Kardashian, 41,’s advice pill for businesswomen on the job was particularly hard to digest . The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star announced during a Thursday, March 10 interview with Variety that she has ” the best advice for women in business .” His advice, the lack of nuance of which has pissed off many, is ” Move your ass off and work. It seems like no one wants to work these days” . The advice from Kanye West’s ex-wife, 44, sparked an outpouring of negative reviews on Tweeter.

Among the most notable tweets is one from Jessica DeFino, a former Kardashian family editor . Now a beauty critic through her newsletter The Unpublishable , Jessica DeFino explained in her tweets that she worked day and night , and even weekends as an editor on Kardashian apps in 2015. She was so badly paid that she could not afford gasoline , she says. “ I was a Kardashian Apps Writer in 2015 in LA, working days, nights and weekends, I could only afford groceries from 99 Cents Only. ” her tweet read. ” I’ve been called ‘sick’ more than I could not put gasoline in my car to go to the office, and I was reprimanded for freelancing on the side ,” she added.

Celene Zavala was an unpaid intern and assistant to the 41-year-old reality star. What Celene doesn’t like at all about Kim Kardashian’s advice is her remark that ” no one wants to work ” . Currently programming director at CNN, Celene Zavala indicates in her tweet, that she has worked hard for the founder of SKIMS . ” I got my little student ass working for free for Kimberly. So I better add an addendum saying ‘except Celene, she was amazing’ , ” she commented.