Kim Kardashian would like to expand her family, and for that, she would like to call on the same surrogate mother.

Kim Kardashian is still charmed by the arrival of her third baby, but her plans continue.

Mom filled, however, Kim Kardashian would like to have the opportunity to host a fourth child in his home, as revealed in the US magazine People.

While she was unable to carry her last child for health reasons and had to call on a surrogate mother, who is better known today , Kim Kardashian would like to call on a surrogate again, and ideally, to the same!

“Even before the birth of Chicago, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to bring her next baby,” says a relative of the reality show star.

“She is extremely happy with the whole process and delighted with the surrogate” justifies the witness. Her husband, Kanye West, would not be against this idea either because he “linked up with the surrogate’s husband in the delivery room,” he said.

“She definitely wants more children” complete this close. ” She is so happy to be a family of five, and she wants her to grow even bigger,” he concludes.

While waiting for this hypothetical continuation, and incidentally the agreement of the surrogate who has just given birth, Kim Kardashian can always wait with the next babies planned in the family!