After Kim Kardashian (40) was criticized for the photos of her 40th birthday that she posted on social media, the reality star responds with her mother Kris Jenner (64) via a new post. Kim and Kris now only draw attention to a completely different goal.

“Now that I’ve managed to get your attention, I want to remind everyone that we should all vote. There are only a few days to go, ”said Kim, not commenting on the commotion that arose after posting photos online from her luxurious birthday party on a private island. Something that went down the wrong way with many followers.

“It’s not about her doing that, but why do you have to reveal it like this when millions of Americans have been out of work, home, and healthcare because of the coronavirus? That’s just not neat, ”said a follower. Many other followers thought it was insipid to show your wealth like that. There were also fans who saw nothing wrong with it. “It’s her money, she earned it herself and so she can spend it any way she wants.”