Kim Kardashian, known for her candid pictures, announced that now she refuses such photos. The reality star decided to do this for the sake of her children, since the thought that they would see a naked mother on the Web changed her worldview.

Kim spoke about her decision in an interview with The Cut. Recall, her husband Kanye West previously faced a serious rethinking of his values. The musician has become very religious, and now his wife’s excessive sexuality is contrary to his beliefs.

I do not know if this is due to what my husband said about my sexuality. I listen and understand him. And yet he always gives me freedom of choice. But now I myself have awakened,

– admitted Kardashian.

The spouses raise four children, and Kim feels a great responsibility before them. According to her, children should not see nude pictures of their mother. Kardashian believes that there should be no contradictions in her Instagram.

I thought: okay, today I’m in the White House, and tomorrow I’ll upload photos in a bikini,

– she said.

Kim also admitted that her attitude towards life is gradually changing. For example, she stopped trying to capture everything that was happening on camera. Now Kardashian is enjoying the moment, and not thinking about how to capture it better.