Within a few weeks the family of Kim Kardashian (38) and her husband Kanye West (41) will expand even more. The couple namely has a fourth child through a surrogate mother. Although Kardashian does her best to put everything in order, she allegedly feels very unprepared.

“She finds it difficult to prepare mentally for the arrival of the new baby,” a neighbor of the reality star tells PEOPLE. “She had the same feeling at Chicago (who was also born through a surrogate mother, ed.), But when Chicago finally arrived, everything was all right. Chicago immediately fitted. It felt like she had always been part of the family. “

“Kim and Kanye are very excited,” says the source. “Chicago grew up so quickly, so they’re happy to have another baby in the house. But that’s the last one, they both say. Four children is the perfect number for them. “

The reality couple already has three children: daughter North (5), son Saint (3) and daughter Chicago (1). The first two were born via the natural road. The new baby does not have the same surrogate mother as its sister Chicago, because their first choice turned out to be pregnant themselves. 

According to Kardashian, North hoped that the latest acquisition would be a brother. “North constantly behaves like an only child. I think she’s a little confused. She is also very jealous. She said to me: “Mama … We must have another baby brother so that Saint can leave me alone. Then the girls can sit on one side of the house and the boys on the other side of the house. ” 

So for now, Kim is only busy setting up the baby room. “I’m desperately trying to get the room ready,” she told The New York Times this weekend. “It’s a madhouse, but a nice madhouse.”