Kim Kardashian went to great lengths to be the star of the show at Monday’s Met Gala, but it wasn’t just about the dress! The reality star, 41, not only slipped into the memorable dress worn by Marilyn Monroe as she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962, she also dyed her hair platinum blonde to fully imitate the bomb.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 hours already,” Kim said in a head full of foils in a section of sister Kylie Jenner’s video blog of the pre-gala prep process. “I’m in danger of my hair falling out,” she joked, rushing offscreen for her stylist to take care of the now platinum-colored locks.

Kim was definitely ready to do whatever it took to create the perfect Met Gala look! New video footage, which shows Kim and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, visiting the iconic dress’s home at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Orlando, reveals that Kim couldn’t close the dress all the way. The clip, which you can see here, shows the reality TV star being helped into the tight dress, with various handlers struggling to lift the fabric on her back without tearing it.

It took more extreme measures to fully fit into the dress. Kim revealed she lost 16 pounds in just three weeks just to fit into the iconic dress, and when she realized she still didn’t fit in it days before the Met Gala, she freaked out. In the video, she seems concerned when the dress doesn’t lift up on her buttocks. Pete is by her side, however, assuring her that everything will be fine. “You are good,” he told her. “You’re fine, relax.” Pete also keeps a firm grip on Kim’s hand as she sucks the dress on.
The dress had to be handled with great care, and Kim changed into a replica after walking the Met Gala red carpet. Pete was by her side again as they attended the high-profile May 2 event.

Although Kim faced backlash for her intense diet ahead of the Met Gala, she admitted she was extremely proud of herself for doing whatever it took to wear Marilyn’s dress. Kim said she cut out sugar and carbs and trained in a sauna suit in order to lose weight. After the Met Gala, she indulged in pizzas and donuts to satisfy the cravings she had deprived herself of in the previous weeks.