Instadiva was very surprised by the hail in Calabasas and shared her reaction on the social network.

Spring this year especially surprised the residents of Southern California – hail fell there recently. Kim Kardashian, who lives in Calabasas, was struck by this anomalous weather phenomenon and recorded an entire report, where she showed that her yard was strewn with hail. True, Kim, she called it snow.

“I’m in Calabasas and it’s snowing. I don’t know if you can see it, but this is absolute madness ”, – signed the publication of the instadive. She also filmed several videos in which she picks up grains of hail with her hand, commenting: “This is really crazy. How is this possible? My basketball court is all white! Crazy guys. Snow in Calabasas! “

Users were amused by Kim’s reaction to the hail. Many pointed out to her that she had mistakenly called it snow. “Okay, okay, I get it. It’s hail! It’s not snow! People, I’m not a meteorologist! And she never announced herself to them! I have 30 positions, and there is no meteorologist among them. But if there is hail in Calabasas in March, I call it snow, okay? ” – replied to subscribers Kardashian.

Recall that at the end of February, a cold snap, anomalous for these places, came to the south of the United States. The state of Texas was especially affected, which was covered with snow, and due to frost in the cities, the water supply stopped and the heating system failed.