Kim Kardashian has started a lawsuit against a web store that is copying and selling her clothing. She accuses site Misguided of pretending that she cooperates in their campaigns.

The fashion brand regularly places photos of Kim at the latest offers and tags her in messages on social media. TMZ reports that this is only Kim’s first lawsuit against such a site, and she also intends to legally address other web shops that do the same.

Earlier this week Kim announced on Twitter that she is pretty pissed that everything she wears is being copied and sometimes offered for sale within a few hours. “It is heartbreaking to see that companies steal designs that contain blood, sweat and tears from real designers who have given everything to come up with their own original ideas.”

In her first case the reality star demands that the web store stops using her name and image with immediate effect. She also wants compensation of around 10 million dollars from the company.