Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28) were spotted Tuesday evening at the home of Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos (58) in Los Angeles. The couple stayed with Jeff for several hours, then drove to Pete’s hotel in Beverly Hills in Kim’s car. Jeff’s friend Lauren Sanchez would not have attended the dinner. This reports ‘TMZ’.

Kim and Pete’s relationship is said to become increasingly serious as they are both willing to travel back and forth between the US west and east coasts. Kim lives in California with her children, where the rest of her family also lives, while Pete is from Staten Island, New York and also works in New York for the Saturday Night Live program, among others .

Earlier this week, Kim was spotted with Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea over a coffee at a Los Angeles store. The ladies reportedly gathered to discuss their work for the Apple TV+ series Gutsy Women , which is being made by Hillary.