Things are apparently going very well between Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28). The reality star reveals in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres (64) that her boyfriend has had their love immortalized on his body with multiple tattoos.

She also finally gives her own text and explanation about their blossoming relationship, about which a lot has been said and written in recent months.

“It feels so good, I want to hold on to that forever”
When the text exchange between Pete and Kanye West, Kim’s ex-husband, was leaked by a friend of Pete’s, it turned out that the comedian had sent a selfie of him in bed with Kim. Astute fans of the reality star immediately noticed that Kim’s new boyfriend had her name tattooed on his chest.

Kim confirms this with Ellen, but this is not a normal tattoo, she explains. “It’s a brand,” she explains. “He wanted to do something different. (…) He wanted something he couldn’t remove, something that would last forever like a scar.”

“He got me some tattoos,” she said. “The others are just sweet things. My favorite is the one that says, ‘My girlfriend is a lawyer.'” Kim thinks it’s ‘so cute’ that Pete has had several decals measured, but doesn’t want to elaborate on how many there are and what the rest looks like.

Kim recently shared snaps with her new lover on Instagram for the first time. “We have so many cute photos together that I’d like to share because they’re so sweet,” she explains.

“Apparently it’s not official if you don’t share it on social media,” she jokes. “It feels good. (…) I went for it. Go for it and find your happiness. I took my time and it feels so good, I want to hold on to that forever.”


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