Fraternal relationships are roller coasters. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian experienced this during a heated argument in the new season of “The Incredible Kardashian Family”. Khloe and Kris Jenner were the dumb witnesses …

The show The Incredible Kardashian family is aptly named! Kim and Kourtney have consolidated their reputation Sunday night (August 5, 2018), broadcast day of the first episode of the new season. The two sisters had a violent verbal argument and exchanged insults in the presence of their dumbfounded mother.


Season 15 of The Incredible Kardashian Family (original title Keeping up with the Kardashians ) began this Sunday, August 5th, on E! Entertainment. The episode of the day contained a dispute scene between Kim and Kourtney . The two women were trying to match their availability for the 2017 Kardashian Christmas card photo shoot .

” Nobody wants you to shoot this p *****, so get out of here! “, Angry Kardashian kicks at her big sister. Kourtney replies: ” I already said this morning that I was making fun of being there ,” which accentuates Kim’s rage: ” So do not come, because you’re drunk! g **** e! ”

She is the least exciting person to watch

” Maybe if you had a brand you were passionate about, you’d know what it’s like to run a business, but you do not know, so do not do it. if you know what I’m talking about, “adds Kim Kardashian, who organizes the shoot and wants to schedule a schedule at her convenience. ” I need Kourtney to stop being so cumbersome with her broom in the c **, to act as if she’s running the thing because she’s not, she’s the least exciting person to watch, so she can go away, she does not do anything, she does not know what to do with work. ”

In the following scene, Kourtney in tears calls her little sister Khloe , sitting near their mother Kris Jenner , to settle her accounts. ” I’m not here to be abused by my family ******* Kim who says I’m the least interesting to look at, but who says things like that? ” Asks companion of the model Younes Bendjima. ” Your values ​​are really different from mine, I choose to be a mother for my three children, I’m not looking for another job. ”

Also present, Kim can not contain herself: ” You do not care! ” The wife of Kanye West and mother of three children ( North, Saint and Chicago ) will end up apologizing anyway. Kourtney did not hear it that way: ” You’re a desperate and evil human being, I do not want to see you (…) Go fuck yourself, Kim, I’m not going to live my life. living near people who do not make me feel good every day. ”

The two sisters have since reconciled. And appear together on the 2017 Christmas card of the family.



DAY 25 : Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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