Kevin Spacey, who is charged with sexual harassment by an eighteen-year-old man, claims that the alleged victim flirted with him.

The man would have flirted with the actor in the evening in 2016, after which it led one to the other, according to court documents that are in the hands of Daily Mail .

According to Spacey, the man who worked in the bar in Nantucket where the actor was located, stayed after his job and claimed to be a 23-year-old student. The actor treated him to a drink and later put an arm around him as they sang together behind the piano.

According to Spacey, his accuser enjoyed his presence, also because he gave his phone number. That is proof of mutual flirting, says the former House of Cards star.

The victim claims that Spacey touched him behind the piano. There is no denial of the actor in the documents. During the short hearing of Monday, his lawyers argued that their client is not guilty. Spacey kept his mouth shut during the session.

Man had not mentioned anything about sexual assault

Spaceys lawyer Alan Jackson convinced Judge Thomas Barrett to instruct the alleged victim to keep all data from his cell phone for six months. Jackson said that the data is “probably exculpatory”.

According to Jackson police reports show that the eighteen-year-old man had exchanged text messages and Snapchat videos with his former girlfriend with information about his interactions with Spacey in the Club Car bar. But he would never have mentioned anything about the alleged sexual assault. 

The alleged victim says that Spacey has deliberately drunk him. Spacey would have zipped open his pants later in the bar and would have touched him.

On 4 March this case will be followed up, the judge announced. Spacey is not obliged to be present.