The lawyers of the accused accused Kevin Spacey have requested that the actor does not have to be present at the case. Spacey must be on January 7, because he is suspected of having an eighteen-year-old man indecently groped.

The lawyers ‘attorneys’ team reacted negatively to this, according to papers that have fallen into the hands of The Hollywood Reporter . They say that the presence of Spacey during the case, which takes place in Massachusetts, is mandatory.

The relevant incident that is central to the case on 7 January, dates back to 2016, the year in which the actor also harassed the teenage son of a former news presenter. The boy found it annoying that Spacey touched him, but says he did not have any lasting damage to it. He reported the incident to the police to prevent others from happening the same. 

This week it was also announced that a Snapchat video has surfaced showing that the actor touched the front of the boy’s pants.

There are several studies into actor

Spacey came under fire in October 2017 after various allegations of sexual abuse. He also appeared to have behaved inappropriately towards crew members on the set of House of Cards .

The 59-year-old actor has several investigations due to reports of male actors who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the two-time Oscar winner.