Kevin Spacey is once again accused of sexually transgressive behavior in documents from his former employer Media Rights Capital (MRC). The papers, which are in the hands of The Hollywood Reporter , state that the actor allegedly violated a production assistant in his twenties in 2012. The case has not yet been submitted to a judge.

According to the documents, the production assistant had to take Spacey to the hospital at the time, because the actor had burned his hand on the set of House of Cards . Reportedly, that inconvenience did not stop Spacey from assaulting him.

Later, Spacey invited an actor who wanted to audition to his hotel room. When the actor refused, Spacey drove him to a place in Los Angeles to grope him unwanted.

MRC sued Spacey in 2019 for millions of dollars because House of Cards suffered massive damage due to his alleged misconduct. The show was the showpiece of MRC, but little of that remained after the firing of the protagonist.

Spacey, in turn, sued the company, arguing that the charges against him were exaggerated and that he still needed money from MRC.

The documents also show that Spacey would have behaved strangely behind closed doors during a previous interview. He would have sung and danced a musical song for example.

In recent years, Spacey has been involved in several cases involving alleged sexually transgressive behavior.