Kevin Hart is very pleased with his employees. That he showed once again by surprising his team with expensive cars. On Instagram he shows how he hands out the old timers to his closest employees.

“Without these guys I would not be where I am”

The 39-year-old actor worked hard on his Irresponsible tour with his team in recent months. That came to an end earlier this month and to celebrate the success, Kevin decided to show his appreciation for his colleagues with an extravagant gift. The star from Night School told his fans on Instagram that he had bought eight classic cars for his colleagues, including a yellow Volkswagen beetle and a cream-colored Mustang.

“The tour is over and I told my team that I was going to do something special, they had no idea what it was, I surprised my whole team with old cars,” Kevin said in a video before he showed the cars. “I mean it when I say that I love my team, without these guys I would not be where I am.”