If you thought you had made a spectacular video with a taekwondo kick, you kicked a bottle cap, then you haven’t seen the Kendall Jenner video yet. The model – also half sister to Kim Kardashian and big sister to Kylie Jenner – decided to sit on a jet ski for the Bottle Cap Challenge. In the video, which is extremely delayed, you can see how Kendall manages to turn the cap off of a bottle from a water scooter.

It is a challenge this summer that occupies many stars. Those who view their Instagram feed are inundated with videos of celebrities who are trying to kick a cap off a bottle. The ball  started rolling  by taekwondo champion Farabi Davletshin, who shared a video of the challenge on his Instagram page. Via a spectacular ‘ spinning kick’ he managed to unscrew the cap from a bottle and kick it off. 

Not much later, stars such as John Mayer and Ellie Goulding took up the challenge. Dutch stars, too, could not resist placing a video clip on which they competed with a cap. Dancer Timor Steffens, skating champion Kjeld Nuis and Qmusic DJ Domien Verschuuren, among others, posted a film on which they do the Bottle Cap Challenge.

However, not one of the films had as much impact as that of Kendall Jenner, not entirely coincidentally a descendant from the KarJenner dynasty. The family is well-known for knowing what works on social media. When she was challenged by Hailey Bieber – model and also wife of Justin Bieber – for the Bottle Cap Challenge, she decided to tackle it ‘over the top’. With a jet ski, she sails towards a bottle on the film. With a Super Slow-mo you can see how she gets the cap off the bottle with her toe. 

The video turns out to be a hit with 17 million views in the meantime. Her sisters all respond enthusiastically. For example, Kylie Jenner only writes ‘ OMG ‘, Kim Kardashian responds ‘this is so good’, Kourtney Kardashian says that ‘she’s crying’ and Khloe Kardashian shouts: ‘That’s my girl!’ . Challenger Hailey Bieber is also satisfied and reacts enthusiastically: “Yesssssss!”

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