In August, it seems that time stops. Endless days at the beach, nights of starfall, friends, party … It has it all! However, a compelling reason that makes it the most special month is that it is HER’s birthday. Yes, you know who we are talking about: Kylie Jenner. The little sister of the ‘klan’ celebrates her anniversary on the tenth, that is, today, and social networks, of course, have been filled with ‘stories’ congratulating her.

We know that the Kardashians do not skimp on parties and, although at the moment we do not know how he will do it this year and what his ‘lookazo’ will be (perhaps he is betting on the graphic ‘eyeliner’, of which he is a big fan ), his sisters have already taken care of set Instagram ablaze with messages for her. Although, without a doubt, the most tender has come from Kendall Jenner who, opening her most personal album, has shown some images from when they were little that are to die of love.