White people in America should be especially careful about everything that they do, say, and even wear, because any little thing can become a cause for accusation of cultural appropriation. The other day, paparazzi captured Kendall Jenner with afro-braids, which served as a reason for sharp criticism of the model on social networks.

Photographers caught 23-year-old Kendall near a nightclub in Los Angeles, capturing her in a black leather jumpsuit and braided hair. Despite the fact that braids adorned only the upper part of the head, some Internet users considered this a sufficient reason for discontent.

“How am I tormented by these white people who exploit the culture of black people. They no longer need to think for themselves. They make hairstyles for themselves, for which we were once ridiculed, just in order to stand out from the crowd and look cool, ”one of Twitter users was indignant. Another added that Jenner does not learn from the mistakes of her sisters, because Kim, too, was once severely criticized for wearing afro braids.

Representatives of Kendall did not give official comments, but her fans and those who sincerely do not understand why it is so criminal to borrow elements of other cultures stood up for the star. “Why do people inflate an elephant from a fly? It’s just hair ”,“ But dark-skinned curls curl ”,“ So what if she wants such pigtails? ” She can choose any hairstyle, but this is the biggest global problem at the moment, ”users are perplexed.