If it is up to Kelly Clarkson (39), she will never tie the knot again. The singers say in the Love Someone with Delilah podcast that after her difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock, with whom she has two children, she no longer sees a second marriage.

“I don’t regret anything”

“I know I won’t get married again,” Kelly told the podcast. The singer says she has definitely missed a lot of ‘red flags’ in her relationship with Brandon. “Missed or unknowingly ignored,” Kelly said. 

Kelly is enjoying the extra free time she has now that she’s single again. According to Kelly, people are ‘programmed’ to want love, but she doesn’t need it herself. In fact, she doesn’t need a partner at all right now. “I really enjoy my job, my kids, my creative self.”

The singer, known for her big hit Since You Been Gone , nevertheless has no regrets about her love past. “I don’t regret anything. I feel like it’s just what shapes you and what makes you a better person.”