Keanu Reeves is one of those actors who do not like to glow in the gloss and attend fashionable Hollywood parties. However, the actor made an exception to promote the upcoming sequel to John Wick and took part in photo shoots for GQ. For fans, this was a pleasant surprise, as was an interview with a 54-year-old star, in which Reeves spoke about the changed attitude to blockbusters and action films, as well as his first thoughts about death.

The star of “John Wick” appeared in the image of his hero in black and white photographs taken for the publication of GQ. During the photo shoot of the Noir, Reeves tried on costumes from various fashion houses, while leaving the stubble and loose hair. The brutal image was liked by most of his fans, who have not seen their favorite actor in the pages of glossy publications for a long time. Keanu said in an interview that the franchise about the assassin helped him change his mind about action films, and now he is ready to work on John Wycom, “while his legs are worn and the audience wants to see him.”

In an interview, the actor also spoke about some of the difficulties he faced in his profession. So, Reeves said that for many years was in the “black list” film company Fox, refusing to star in the continuation of the movie “Speed.”

I did not cooperate with them until 2008, when I was invited to play in the movie “The Day When the Earth Stopped,”

– told Keanu, adding that he refused to shoot in the sequel for the sake of participation in the production of Hamlet in Canada.

However, now the actor seems to have revised his attitude towards studio cinema. At least, the work on the franchise about John Wick clearly likes Kean – he is ready to continue it as long as necessary. 

While my legs are wearing me. While the audience goes to the cinema,

– Reeves added, admitting that he did not expect that superheroes would still be playing in the sixth dozen.