Katy Perry has been accused of sexual misconduct by an actor who played in the video clip of her song Teenage Dream. Josh Kloss, Perry’s opponent in the clip, says the singer has taken off his pants and underwear in front of a group of bystanders.

“When I turned around, she pulled down my sweatpants and underwear”

The incident would have occurred on a birthday. “We hugged each other first,” Kloss writes on Instagram. “When I turned to introduce a friend, she pulled down my sweatpants and underwear.” Some friends of Perry and quite a few bystanders would have seen Kloss’s noble parts. “Can you imagine how humiliated I felt?”

According to Kloss, that was not the only incident. He and Perry had to kiss for the video. The now 34-year-old singer would have described it to the cast as “filthy”. Perry representatives would have told Kloss to share that experience with no one.

The fact that Kloss is now coming out with his story is due to the # MeToo movement. “Our culture is currently keen to show how perverted men are with power. But women with power are just as disgusting.”