On Father’s Day, the singer exhibited rare footage of Orlando and her daughter Daisy.

This Sunday, June 20, American singer Kattie Perry shared a touching video on Instagram. It depicts her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, sitting on an armchair in a hospital gown, medical cap and mask.

The actor is holding a boombox and clearly enjoying the melody. Off-screen, Katie laughs, who at the end turned the camera towards herself and showed that she was lying in a hospital bed.

“Happy first Father’s Day. The healer of my heart and the giver of my greatest gift, ”the pop star signed the post.

Apparently, the video was filmed in the hospital shortly before Katie gave birth to their common daughter Daisy. Now the baby is 10 months old.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star responded with a post of his own in which he wondered what parenthood meant to him, especially after becoming a dad for the second time. Flynn, the eldest son of the actor from his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, is already 10 years old.

“I am lucky to be surrounded by strong, loving mothers, and I am grateful to them for everything they do! I will continue to work to make them and our children happy, ”wrote Orlando.