Hollywood stars Katy Perry (36) and Orlando Bloom (44) are no longer recognizable at all. At least, in a photo that the world-famous singer shares on her social media.

“Democracy will only survive if we fight for it”

With the photo, which can be seen below, Katy and Orlando draw attention to democracy: ‘Democracy will only survive if we fight for it’, can be seen in a video, among other things. 

Many followers react to the photo (but not to their action): ‘Grandpa and grandma Perry and Bloom’, ‘Those yellow teeth’ and ‘After I’ve been vaccinated’, is all written. 

Katy and Orlando became the proud parents of Daisy Dove last year. The girl has now started to crawl and that means that Katy has to keep an eye on her. “But I love that,” she said in an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest .