Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently started living together. Yet it is not just the smell of roses and moonshine …

“I am such a different person than I was”

If the singer has to mention a negative characteristic of her new roommate, then it is his sloppiness. Katy says in the American magazine Paper that the actor tends to keep all kinds of old junk. “My friend did not even realize that I had thrown away his old toiletry bag when he was not home.”

However, Katy, who has had a flashing relationship with Orlando for over two years, admits that she too is not so neat. “If you are single, it’s easy because nobody appeals to you, you just live your fantastic single life while you do what you want and think you’re fantastic.” According to the singer, cohabitation is a good mirror. “Then you get a partner and you learn from each other.”

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The singer has learned a lot about relationships in recent years. Katy believes less in the fairy-tale image of love. “I used to think that there is a person you stay with for the rest of your life and now I do not know for sure if that is for me, I am such a different person than I was.” Especially her short-lived marriage with Russell Brand opened her eyes. “I am more pragmatic and realistic.”