The star mother congratulated her daughter touchingly.

42-year-old Katie Holmes congratulated her daughter Suri from Tom Cruise on her birthday and shared her archival photos on her Instagram. “Happy 15th birthday, dear! I love you! I can’t believe you’re 15 already! ” – wrote the star mom.

In the comments, subscribers joined in the congratulations and noticed how Suri grew up. “You grow so fast and every day you become more and more special to this world. Your smile shines on this dark planet, you always shine like a star “,” I love you so much, Suri! I hope you enjoy your day in the best possible way, because you deserve it “,” Happy holiday, princess! I wish You all the best!” – wrote the fans.

Suri became the long-awaited and incredibly beloved child of the couple. Despite the fact that the ex-lovers divorced due to Cruise’s fascination with Scientology, the girl does not suffer from a lack of attention from stellar parents. At 15, Suri runs a fashion blog and launched her first clothing line. In addition, she is involved in sports, music and dance. As a child, Cruz influenced his daughter and tried to introduce her to Scientology. But after the divorce, Holmes became the girl’s guardian and sent her to study at an elite school, where Suri studied the basics of the Catholic faith. Although at first it was difficult for the mother and daughter in material terms, now Suri does not need anything and is engaged in her favorite hobbies.