Traditionally, on the second Monday of March, the United Kingdom celebrates the annual holiday – the Day of the Commonwealth of Nations, and representatives of the royal family take the main part in it.

The first to arrive at Westminster Abbey were Kate Middleton and Prince William, Megan Markl and Prince Harry (they just had time to change their images after the morning appearance ) to a special solemn service . Following them, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla entered the cathedral, and only when all those invited were in their places and everything was ready for service, Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the threshold of the abbey. It was expected that Prince Philip would accompany her, but in the end, he, like last year, could not attend. Exactly a year ago, this event was the first official, on which Megan appeared with Kate and Elizabeth II. Then the Duchess of Cambridge was in the position – they were waiting for Louis with Prince William, but now the Duchess of Sussex is waiting for the first child.

Note that Queen Elizabeth II annually takes part in the service in honor of the Day of the Commonwealth. This time she will again take center stage and make a speech, which will be broadcast in all countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. Also right in the Abbey for the members of the royal family will perform a band Clean Bandit and tenor Elfie Bow. Last year, this honor fell to the ex-soloist of One Direction Liam Payne, but Prince Harry didn’t like his performance  – and the cameras caught that moment.