According to Western media, the 36-year-old Kate Mara became her mother for the first time – the actress gave birth to a daughter from her 33-year-old spouse Jamie Bell. Kate herself told about this happy event in the social network.

We had a baby a few weeks ago

– she signed a photo of the baby’s legs

For the first time, stars started talking about pregnancy after the Golden Globe Р2019 award ceremony . That she was expecting a child, Mara confessed to her colleague Emily Blunt , who drew attention to Kate’s noticeably rounded forms. 

I must say that if for Kate the child was the first, then Jamie Bell already has a five-year-old son from marriage to actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell met on the set of Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four) and started dating in the fall of 2015. In the summer of 2017, they got married.