Kate Beckinsale turns 47 in July. The actress now shows on the cover of a British magazine that she still has a fantastic body. Her 22-year-old lover Goody Grace also seems to be enthusiastic about this.

Kate Beckinsale has no problem showing herself in a bikini. Especially not at almost 47 years old. There is no reason for that, as she once again shows on the cover of the British edition of the magazine “Women’s Health”. The actress has adorned the front of the lifestyle magazine for the third time this year, but she’s wearing significantly less clothing than before in the June issue.

At the beginning of the year, she posed for the US edition in white bikini panties and with a crop long sleeve, very similar to the Eastern European version in March. On the cover of the UK edition you can only see her in a bikini.

She writes on her Instagram account: “I’m so happy to be on the cover of ‘Women’s Health UK’. But you should know that we had the shoot when there was no pandemic and when it wasn’t it was funny to stroll over a mountain while talking about your health and butt exercises. “