Don’t put your finger in Kate Beckinsale’s mouth.

British actress Kate Beckinsale posted on Instagram a cute baby photo with a wide adorable smile. “Oh, the times when life was easier. At that time I did not yet know that my teeth would grow, like those of a capybara, and completely change my face, until my head finally grows by my 37 years, “Kate jokingly signed the photo. In the picture, the baby smiles slyly, looking directly into the lens camera. She has funny bangs, a bright red jacket and a green jumpsuit.

Fans of the “Pearl Harbor” star praised the actress’s humor: “You are not just a beautiful actress, you are simply amazing!” Fans also noted the little girl’s stylish hairstyle and outfit: “Kate, you are beautiful at any age, and as a child you are so cute!” Someone decided to support the actress and shared their childhood fears and worries about their own teeth.

Kate Beckinsale is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Great Britain. She looks much younger than her 47 years old, and her teeth and brand smile do not spoil the actress at all, but give her appearance a certain charm. In fact, Kate has a pretty normal smile on her face. Probably, as a child, the actress experienced complexes, therefore, in adulthood, she often jokes about this topic. Well, humor, as you know, is the best medicine!