Reality sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have not spoken to each other for a month and a half after their heated fight during the recording of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. The disagreement tore their mother Kris apart, as well as their famous half-sisters. Ultimately, a book led to the Atonement.

That turned out in a new episode last night. “This is just not who we are,” a sad half-sister Khloé Kardashian told the camera. The sisters clash more often and sometimes even fight, but a month of silence is unprecedented. “Kourtney and Kim went to each other like vicious lions and traveled together to Armenia a few days later,” she referred to an earlier clash between two other sisters. 

It was not so easy for Kendall (25) and Kylie (23) after their fight about a borrowed outfit and a ride home. Kendall said she never even wanted to speak to the makeup businesswoman again after Kylie would put her high heel on her sister’s neck.

The only ‘contact’ in a long time was a reaction on Instagram, after Kylie shared an archive photo of the two. “Aren’t we in a fight?” Kendall wrote. “Yes, but my tits are hanging well on this snapshot,” Kylie responded dryly. 

This couldn’t go on any longer, thought Khloé, who enlisted the help of mother and manager Kris Jenner. “After everything we’ve been through, and now with the corona virus, that Kendall and Kylie haven’t spoken to each other for a month is very, very bad,” Kris said to the camera. She called Kylie and urged her to call Kendall, who could use some claim as the only sister with no kids. “I think she’s ignoring me, but I still have to try,” said Kris, according to People.

The reconciliation didn’t come until Kendall picked up the phone herself. She remembered a passage from a book Kylie once showed her that said pride comes from fear. “It reminded me so much of our fight, because we are both alpha, both tough girls,” said Kendall. In the telephone conversation the two talked out their argument.

“Kylie and I have never been out of touch for so long,” said Kendall. “Normally we talk every day, so I’m done with this. Sisters are sisters. We can argue and say crazy things to each other, but in the end we are family and we love each other a lot. She’s my partner in crime , she has been my whole life, and that will never change. ”