According to Randy Dawkins, the creative director of fashion label Infinity G8ds, Kanye West stole his logo for his new album Donda . The logo can be seen on T-shirts and hoodies, among other things, but does not come from West, reports The Daily Beast .

The company is run by black entrepreneurs, which makes West’s ‘playing borrower’ extra hard. “It’s disappointing. We have nothing against him at all and even think he’s a good artist, but there are a few things wrong in business,” said Dawkins.

Dawkins says he was approached at the end of July by West’s personal chef Willie Wallace, with whom he was friends, after which he got to speak to the singer himself. “He said, ‘Dude, I absolutely love your design, when can I meet you to talk about this?’ We drove to Atlanta from Miami to talk to him.”

Then West invited the men to have dinner together: “But we have never heard anything since, and not long after that dinner we suddenly saw our logo on his merchandise. I must have misjudged the situation. As black artists you have to support each other, which hasn’t happened now.”

West sold the shirts and hoodies with the ‘stolen’ logo at his listening sessions in Atlanta from $85. Spokespersons for the rapper declined to comment.