Kanye West says on 1 June to release a new album. There are seven songs on the album.


That announces the rapper via Twitter.

Furthermore, a week later, on 8 June, West releases a record with Kid Cudi under the name Kids See Ghost. 

The previous album of the 40-year-old West, The  Life of Pablo, was released in 2016. Last November, the rapper was on stage again for the first time in a long time. He was a guest artist at a Kid Cudi concert in Chicago.

A year earlier, West was in the middle of his  Saint Pablo Tour when he ended up in the psychiatric department of the UCLA hospital after a nervous breakdown.

Philosophy book

West, who recently breathed new life into his Twitter account, announced on Wednesday that he writes his previously announced philosophy book live via Twitter.

“This is my book and I’m writing it live, no publisher will tell me what I’m saying or how many pages to write, this is not about money, it’s an innate need to be expressive.”