Kanye West

Kanye West (44) launched the attack on Instagram on Sunday on Pete Davidson (28), the new love of his ex Kim Kardashian (41). In a series of messages, he not only berates the comedian, he also shares a private message Pete sent to Kanye about West and Kardashian’s children.

“My account was not hacked”

One of the messages Kanye shared on Sunday is a screenshot of a message that appears to be from Pete. Someone who is like Pete on Kanye’s phone writes, among other things, that the education of the children is a matter for Kanye and Kim and not his. Pete also hopes to meet the children one day and says he hopes they will all be friends. Kanye captions the screenshot that Pete will never meet the kids.

The rapper also shares an old rumor that singer Ariana Grande once broke up with Pete because he sent intimate photos of them together to Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex. A rumor that, according to American media, has never been confirmed anywhere by one of those involved. In yet another message, Kanye ridicules Pete’s amusing Hillary Clinton tattoo, and in yet another he berates him.

In all, Kanye shared a dozen posts about Pete. To prove that the messages really came from him and that his account was not hacked, Kanye also posted a photo of himself holding up a notepad with the date Sunday and the text “my account was not hacked” .

All posts have since disappeared from his Instagram account.