Earlier this month, it became known that Kanye will run for the presidency of the United States , and recently he officially began his campaign and held a meeting with voters in Charleston (South Carolina). During his emotional speech, Kanye revealed many personal details. In particular, the fact that his father was against his birth, but his mother saved his life. “There would be no Kanye West because my father was too busy ,” the musician noted and burst into tears. 

Moreover, West revealed that his wife Kim Kardashian was not sure whether to give birth to their daughter North. “She called me, all in tears. She said she was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. She had pills in her hands. ” However, at that moment Kanye received a sign from above that the child should live.

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“I called Kim and said that we will have this child, even if my wife files for divorce after this speech, it does not matter, because she gave birth to North. I almost killed my daughter! .. “, – the rapper admitted.

Despite the fact that Kanye criticized abortions, he advocated their legalization. And the musician is also convinced that women should pay a million dollars for each child born. “I don’t have funding for this, but I have a platform to come up with an idea,”  West said.