The actress was not a fan of 80s haircuts.

The other day, Kaley Cuoco amused subscribers on Instagram with a publication in which she commented on the new haircut of her husband Karl Cook. The actress’s beloved decided to change his image and made a mullet haircut, which, apparently, Kayleigh does not really like.

Cuoco posted a photo in which Karl kisses her on the cheek, while she herself looks at the camera with a frightened look. “I don’t remember saying:“ In illness and health and with a mullet haircut, ”the Big Bang Theory star signed the frame, referring to her wedding vow.

Last summer, Kayleigh and Karl, a millionaire and professional equestrian rider, celebrated their second wedding anniversary. On this momentous day, Cuoco left a touching message to her husband on Instagram: “Happy anniversary, my dear! How am I so lucky? You are the coolest, the strangest, the funniest, the most intelligent, the kindest, the calmest, the most silly. You grow vegetables, breed rabbits, rescue dogs, love horses, are great at beer / bourbon and support my every move. I love you and I love us! “

At the beginning of the quarantine, Kayleigh and Karl finally moved in after four years of relationship. Prior to this, the couple lived separately, which somewhat puzzled their fans. But Cuoco insisted that it was absolutely normal for her and Karl.

Having started living with Cook, Kayleigh noted that she was very comfortable with him under the same roof. “I live as if no one sees me. I don’t dye, I don’t style my hair. I just live like I don’t have to work anymore. The long wait for cohabitation was good for us, ”the actress shared.