When the couple was asked about thier favorite part of being newly married, they agreed that going for dating with each other is still the top of thier list.

Although the Couple of Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas are married, but the are still enjoying their dating life.
In an interview give to people the couple shared thing about their married life. They both tied the knot during the Covid Pandemic at the Omega/007 party celebrating the release of No Time to Die in L.A on Wednesday.

During the interview when they were asked about favorite part of married life, Sofia Pernas and Hartley both agreed on “Going out together” is still thier favorite part and its on top of thier list — espcially after a long time of lockdown.
Days of thier relationship explained by Sofia Pernas saying “We couldn’t date, we couldn’t go out.”

It was told by the couple that most of their time spent of first year of relationship quarantining at the house of Harley’s, after they began dating in 2020.

Hartley said during the interview “I’m like, ‘Well, why don’t you…You know, it’s safe over here. It’s safe at the house. You know, I’m quarantining, I’m not going anywhere and she’s like, ‘Okay!’ “

Sofia Pernas the star from “This Is Us” continued laughing said “She’s like, ‘I’ll go get a change of clothes or whatever my place,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, why don’t you just bring all your clothes here, and then you don’t have to leave. Ever.’ And then we haven’t left since!”

It was revealed by People Magazine on May 17 that Sofia Pernas and Hartley who were co stars in “Young and the Restless” had recently engaged into marriage relation.

Previouly Hartley was married to Lindsay Korman. The couple shared a daughter together named Isabella.
In July 2020 Hartley told the media saying “I’m a happy guy. I sleep like a baby. I don’t have anything on my mind, “I treat people the way I want to be treated and I have lovely friends who love me and I love them. And I’ve got this wonderful daughter, and I’ve got a great family, and I am a very, very lucky, lucky individual.”

In the month of July Hartley shared a post in honor of Pernas 32nd birthday with a loving note which depicted the enjoying oysters together and smilling at various restaurants.

The post was caption saying” Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sofia! This amazing woman makes me laugh out loud every single day. Here’s to taking down oysters all over the world! I love you very much!