Bieber is interested in taking on a leadership role at Hillsong Church following the departure of his former mentor Carl Lentz.

Justin Bieber is convinced that the Hillsong Church helped bring him out of his “darkest” times, and for that reason he is interested in assuming a leadership role in the church, after the controversial departure of the pastor and his former mentor Carl Lentz.

The church fired Lentz for what it called “leadership issues and breaches of trust, in addition to a recent revelation of moral flaws” in November.

Bieber, 26, “believes he can take a leadership position to restore order,” according to church sources.

Your job is to give back to the community after all the ways they helped you.

“Justin has never felt happier or healthier, and he says he owes it to the church,” explained the source.

“He believes he can take a leadership position to restore order to Hillsong after Lentz’s departure,” he said.

The singer’s father-in-law, Stephen Baldwin, is a Christian pastor, and has advised his daughter Hailey’s husband to study the gospel and prepare to preach it at Hillsong.