If his musical career has been in parentheses for a little over a year, the life of Justin Bieber is not calmer. While the young singer threw in the towel after months of touring around the world, he said he was “tired” and confided to his fans his desire to devote all his free time to religion . An early retirement that seems to do indeed a lot of good. In the embarrassment many times in the past , he does not talk about him in the rubrics justice and news for a long time. The 24-year-old is just love and he keeps on proving it.

Away from the stage, he still continues to sing the serenade to a few privileged. Last November, the hearts of his fans were thrilled to discover new pictures of their idol with his first girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Ready to give a second chance to Justin Bieber despite the warnings of his family, the singer abandoned his companion The Weeknd to coo in the arms of his ex. And this time seemed the good since the young woman appeared on the arm of the blond who was witnessing his father’s wedding in February. But the lovebirds unknowingly enjoyed their last moments of happiness together. A few months after this romantic day, the Biebs displayed indeed with … a blonde. Another young woman well known to her audience: Hailey Baldwin.

The wedding preparations of Justin Bieber are clarified

In a couple without really being two years ago, they are now determined to make their story work. Justin Bieber is also sure, the model is the one who knew how to save him from his demons and it is therefore that he will love all his life. It is for this reason that he hastened to ask for his hand on a beautiful July evening. After shouting his love for his fiancĂ©e on the Internet, the singer calmed his ardor and said he was ready to take the time to prepare a beautiful ceremony. But the passion that drives him is too strong, he would have changed his mind.where marriage certificates are issued. A first step towards the big day.

According to information from the US site, their union could take place next week. Many sources have revealed that this will be a small ceremony and that the festivities will take place in their huge house recently purchased in Canada. Another grandiose wedding, in the image of their love, would be organized next year. One thing is certain, the countdown is well underway.