On the first day of the deliberation, the twelve-member jury who must determine whether film producer Harvey Weinstein was guilty of sexual abuse asked additional questions to the judge. The jury closed the first day without a verdict.

Within 45 minutes after the start of the consultation, the jury contacted Judge James Burke on Tuesday. The twelve members asked him in writing for definitions of legal terms from the indictment, Page Six reports .

The jury also asked why witness Annabella Sciorra only testified to demonstrate a behavioral pattern of Weinstein and not as an alleged victim. The accusations of the actress are time-barred and therefore cannot be used. The judge told the jury to only consider the charges that were presented to them in the case.

The jury also asked Judge Burke Tuesday for a map of Weinstein’s former apartment in New York. According to one of the two women involved in this case, she was abused in that home in 2006.

A request was made to Burke to inspect the e-mail traffic between employees of Weinstein’s former company. This would mark the names of women with potentially incriminating information about the film producer.

The substantive treatment of the trial against Weinstein over five charges of sexual abuse ended on Thursday. The jury will start its second day of deliberation on Wednesday at 9.30 am local time.