The lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles will continue next year. A judge on Tuesday rejected a request to dismiss the abuse case, according to American media.

Weinstein, 69, is on trial in Los Angeles for rape and sexual abuse of five women between 2004 and 2013. The fallen film producer continues to insist that he is innocent and his lawyers tried to have the case dismissed for a variety of reasons.

One such reason is that, as he has repeatedly claimed, Weinstein has a condition that prevents him from performing “certain sexual acts.” One of the women is also said to have pretended to have an orgasm so that the producer could not have known that she did not want it. In addition, the alleged victims are said to have changed their statements several times.

Sufficient evidence

A judge rejected the request to dismiss the case. “I think there is still enough evidence to establish that the alleged crimes took place,” she said.