Kevin Spacey, who is accused of sexual abuse by several people, must simply be present at the court in January. 

That reports the  Boston GlobeThe actor said earlier on Monday that he wanted to go missing.

TMZ reported earlier that Spaceys lawyers had filed a request for absence from the actor.

His presence would “strengthen the negative publicity already generated in connection with the case,” the actor said about his request for absence. His lawyer added that Spaceys presence could strengthen the amount of negative media attention and could negatively influence the jury’s verdict.

The documents also showed that Spacey wants to advocate innocence during his case.

Spacey would have grieved 18-year-old boy immoral

The relevant incident that is central to the case on January 7 stems from 2016. Spacey would then have grieved an eighteen-year-old boy immoral in a bar in Nantucket (Massachusetts).

In the same year, the actor would also have harassed the teenage son of a former news presenter. The boy found it annoying that Spacey touched him, but says he did not have any lasting damage to it. He reported the incident to the police to prevent others from happening the same.

Spacey came under fire in October 2017 after several allegations of sexual abuse. He also reportedly acted inappropriately towards crew members on the set of the popular House of Cards series   .

More research is being conducted into the 59-year-old actor.